Lifter Container Side Loader Fork Truck for Sale Price


Hammar side loader fork truck device is used to load and unload a 20-foot and 40-foot container. Using wireless remote control technology, it takes just 10 minutes to loading the container.

Hammar sideloader fork truck can be stacked with cube containers raised on the ground and there is no need to shorten the chain.

Hammar 195s Side Loader Fork Truck

If many containers have to be delivered in the same loading yard, Hammar sideloader fork truck can pick up the containers on the companion trailers to ground them. The waiting time is shortened, improving the efficiency and profitability of each trip.

Hammar sideloader adopt remote control which is dedicated to environmental, performance requirements, operation and standards. We use wireless remote control. The receiver must be fixed. The receiver protection level is very high and can be installed in the open air.

Hammar 160 Side Loader Fork Truck

Compared to other more traditional loaders, Hammar sideloader can not only competent, but also more efficient. The time it takes to save on loading containers can reduce the cost of each trip.

The sideloader trailer is a semi-special trailer with side loaders so that transport companies and load and unload the goods.


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